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Creative Aging

The arts play an important role in activities scheduled by our Life Enrichment department. It is a well-known fact that activity with the arts (music, art, drama, dance) can have a deep and lasting effect on the well-being of participants. A recent study by the National Institute of Mental Health showed that creativity with older adults helps people stay healthier. Older adults who participated in arts activities were more involved with others, less reliant on medication, experienced fewer falls, were less depressed and maintained greater overall morale. So, we have instituted an Expressive Arts Therapy program, using the arts as a therapeutic tool to unleash creativity, tap imagination, call on memories, and reinforce decision-making. Additionally, we have begun a Singing Bowl Meditation activity. The ringing of brass bowls has a calming effect on a person, making meditation very desirable. We regularly schedule performers and sing-a-longs as well as craft-making and other arts activities.

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