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Friendship takes time. Spend some here.

There are wonderful people living with us at Ballou Home and we’ve been asked if there’s a way others can spend time with them. We think that’s a great idea!

You’d be surprised and delighted to know the pasts, thoughts, and opinions of our Residents. They have so much to share while they learn about you — a wonderful foundation for true friendship and community.

Age isn’t important! And whether you are a high school student, middle aged person or a senior, you are all welcome to become part of our Ballou family by becoming volunteers. It’s a situation where you both learn, grow and often end up feeling good about life.

We encourage you, your group, club or organization to spend time with our residents to assist with our programs already in place, help serve meals, read aloud, play cards, or simply talk, enjoying each other’s company. You may have special skills or activities to bring to the Ballou Community, which is great, but not required. The most important element is time. A couple of hours a week can change your life and theirs.

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need experience?
You do not need experience as a volunteer. We will train and work with you regarding such things as how to best work with older adults, some of whom may have a handicapping condition such as a hearing or sight loss, or who have difficulty walking. Others may have dementia. Working with a group or even one-on-one can be challenging at times but we are there to help you, every step of the way.
Do I have to commit to a schedule and a certain number of hours a week?
You do not have to commit to a schedule. Come when you are able and when it fits your schedule. It would be helpful to us, as we schedule our activities, to know if we have volunteers to help. Therefore, it would be good if you could alert us ahead of time when you can volunteer. Regular scheduling, although not required, gets our residents to know you better and for you to get to know them.
What can I offer as a volunteer?
Think of the many assets you may have that could be life-enhancing to an older adult. For instance, do you have a hobby that can be shared? Do you enjoy conversations with people? Older adults love company. How about something you are curious about learning like flower arranging? Perhaps residents and you, together, might learn more about this. Your curiosity about something may be the driving force that gets you to volunteer. When you take an “inventory” of your personal assets, we believe that you will find several qualities and talents that you can bring as a volunteer.
Do I have to bring my own supplies and materials?
Say, for instance, you are volunteering to help with a craft-making activity, materials will be supplied. If you want to begin a new activity that has never been held before and you want to introduce it to Ballou Home, in this case it might be more expedient for you to bring in some of the supplies that you use. However, even in this case, you could tell us what is needed, and we can order the needed items. We do not want it to cost you anything for volunteering!

Some great, new friends are waiting!

To learn more about becoming a volunteer, including the training you’ll receive, please contact Tina Senecal at 401-769-0437, email, or submit the form below.

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