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Robert Christensen

Robert Christensen has raised millions of dollars, spanning a career of more than 30 years from individuals, businesses, foundations, and government sources. He has helped 501©3 arts, education, health, religious, and environmental organizations achieve success in stabilizing their finances and growing their programs.
With a background in music, Bob has a keen interest and knowledge of music and arts organizations. He has served as executive director of music schools in St. Louis, Chicago, New York City, and Hartford (CT). As a fundraising consultant, his clients have included music schools, and performing arts organizations on the East Coast, including as an auditor for the New York State Council on the Arts.
Bob retired from Saint Antoine Residence three years ago, where he served as Director of Development and Communications, but decided to come out of retirement to help Ballou Home with their fundraising efforts.

You must be deeply committed to and sincerely believe in the ideas and concepts that you are seeking money for before you can “sell” it to someone else.

- Robert Christensen