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We take “home” in Ballou Home for the Aged, seriously. A clinical staff member who has been at Ballou for a long time noted that when she first came, it was like coming into a big ‘home.’ Where the dining room is now, there was a living room. On the second floor, there was, what the residents called, “apartments.” This is very similar to the arrangement in the original facility in the early 1900’s — a common area where people could gather and bedrooms on the floor above. “It was like coming into someone’s home and becoming part of their family,” noted our staff member. We still hold to that feeling of being in the residents’ home and being part of their family. Staff get to know each resident, personally. Often, you will hear them laughing or singing together. There is a real connection going on here, just like family.

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Facilities Include


Resident Rooms

Most of our resident rooms are single occupancy. We provide basic furnishings, such as bed, dresser, nightstand, and lounge chair. Residents are encouraged to bring keepsakes with them to make their room personal. Residents are also encouraged to furnish and redecorate their rooms if they so desire, at their cost and within certain guidelines required by state mandates


Common Areas

Our beautifully decorated dining room serves multiple purposes. It is a place where residents enjoy their meals, but it also used for large group activities. The tables and chairs are easily arranged for whatever event might be held there. At one end of the dining room is a piano where musically gifted residents are sometimes seen playing; it’s also used for outside musical groups that come in to entertain residents. At the other end of the dining room is a lounge area with a sofa, chairs, electric fireplace, and television.


Outdoor Space

Our exquisitely kept gardens of flowers, shrubs and plants are the pride of Ballou Home. There are ample places to sit and enjoy the surrounding beauty of the gardens or to visit with family and friends. An outdoor gazebo is the centerpiece of our gardens and provides the perfect place for family and friends to get together but yet to be protected from the outside elements.



Meals are served at the same time each day to all residents, together. Exceptions are made for residents who are incapacitated and wish to eat in their rooms. Mealtime gives residents a chance to socialize with their friends and to enjoy both nutritious and delicious food. We do consider any special dietary needs of residents. Family members are invited to dine with their loved ones, if so desired, and at an extra cost.

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