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Director of Facilities

Eric Coburn

Eric has a sort-of running duel between cooking and facilities maintenance. He volunteered for many years at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Milford, where he developed a passion for maintenance work. Soon thereafter, Eric signed on, as a per-diem maintenance employee at the Ballou Home. In 2017, when a full time opening occurred at Ballou for a dietary aide, Eric was hired, and worked his way up to be a cook. After three years, he has come full circle and was appointed the Director of Facilities for BallouLife Communities. “I still have the ‘itch’ to cook,” says Eric, “but I suppose this going back and forth between cooking and maintenance will always be there.”

Ballou Home is like being part of a big family with staff, residents, and visitors. As Ballou, itself, has grown, so have I in my ability to carry out my work. I now have taken on a bigger role with bigger responsibilities as Director of Facilities and feel compelled to take good care of my ‘family’ by maintaining a safe, beautiful, and fully-functioning facility and grounds.

- Eric Coburn